EnerGaia on BBC Podcast

What do mermaid bowls and unicorn lattes have in common? BBC 4’s Sheila Dillon takes listeners on a journey around the world of spirulina and edible microalgae. Featuring EnerGaia’s Saumil Shah describing spirulina farming techniques and the story of turning our local product in to a global export. With stories from culinary microalgae magicians producing cheesecakes, dogless hotdogs, and whatever a victorian sponge is, she raises an important question: is spirulina the future of food? Despite the host’s aversion to…

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Grant from Gates Foundation

EnerGaia receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for groundbreaking research in global health & development Bangladesh​​ – ​EnerGaia​​ ​​announced today that it is a winner of a ​Grand Challenges Explorations​ grant – an initiative funded by the ​Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation​. ​EnerGaia​ will pursue an innovative global health and development research project, titled ​“Creating spirulina microentrepreneurs to solve malnutrition”. ​​The main premise being the use of market solutions and microalgae as an effective tool to enhance nutrition and livelihoods. Grand…

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EnerGaia specializes in the following:

Bioreactor technology for spirulina farming

Engineering and scientific consultation for spirulina farms

Fresh spirulina and other innovative spirulina-based products