Spirulina cultivation technology

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Pure vegan protein

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Nutrition & Alternative livelihoods

Engineering & Scientific Consultation

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Bioreactor systems

Clients purchase our technology consisting of bioreactor systems to grow spirulina

Engineering & Scientific Consultation

We help clients setup and manage their bioreactor systems including microbiological consultation for their farms.

Fresh spirulina and more

We have a wide range of spirulina products ranging from fresh, powder, energy balls and pasta.

Revolutionizing the way to grow spirulina

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, EnerGaia specializes in producing fresh and sustainable algae products. Focused on making Spirulina a part of daily diets and utilizing otherwise unusable space and land to cultivate healthy food, our team is leading the way towards tackling nutritional and environmental problems that plague the cities and residents of the world.

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EnerGaia specializes in the following:

Bioreactor technology for spirulina farming

Engineering and scientific consultation for spirulina farms

Fresh spirulina and other innovative spirulina-based products