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Our Vision

To kickstart the spirulina revolution by bringing cutting edge technology to the world’s oldest alternative protein.

386 x

More Water Efficient

Spirulina is 386 times more water efficient than beef (290 L of water vs 112,000 L of water per kg of protein).


Trees worth of CO2

Each spirulina bioreactor consumes the same amount of CO2 as a small tree.  Our commercial farm consumes as much CO2 as a forest of 3000 trees!


Projects for Social Impact

EnerGaia strives to bring spirulina farming to low-income rural communities to create new livelihoods while bringing nutritional benefits.  We have worked on projects in 4 countries with the Gates Foundation, USAID, Winrock and WWF.

Creates positive impact to many SDGs

Our plant-based superfood ingredient

Spirulina is a super ingredient with extraordinary health and functional qualities that can be used effectively in beverages and food products including egg, dairy and meat substitutes.

Main Products

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Fresh Spirulina Paste

The purest form of spirulina. After harvesting, it is rinsed and dewatered using patented techniques to produce the best taste and texture, the highest solid content and 4x the refrigerated shelf-life of competitor’s fresh spirulina paste.

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Fresh-Frozen Spirulina

Our premium fresh spirulina is frozen into pieces for individual consumption or blocks for industrial food production, providing all of the benefits and nutrition of fresh spirulina with a 3-year frozen shelf-life without any preservatives.

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Freeze-Dried Spirulina Powder

We use freeze-drying rather than oven drying or spray drying to produce the best quality spirulina powder with 70% less water content, 2.5x the phycocyanin content and more than 3x the shelf-life of competing spirulina powders.

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Enabling ALL food & beverage producers

The most complete plant-based protein

Spirulina contains 18 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids. As a bonus, it also adds a lot of vitamins (A, B-complex, E, K) and minerals (Iron, Magnesium, Zinc) to naturally fortify your food products

Make it green without the bad taste or smell

Our spirulina will add a beautiful green color to your food product showing that it contains plant-based goodness, without adding any bad smell or flavor

Free from the 9 major food allergens

Our spirulina is free from milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans and sesame

Excellent functional properties for various applications

Can replace eggs in baked goods; adds creaminess to beverages; adds binding and HEME in meat substitutes; naturally fortifies foods replacing many chemical fortification ingredients

Fresh-frozen or Freeze-dried

We offer spirulina in two easy-to-use forms for manufacturers: fresh-frozen raw spirulina that can mix well into beverages, ice creams, yogurts, or doughs for baked items; and freeze-dried powder that is highly soluble and perfect for powder mixes, meat substitutes and other dry products

Good for the planet

Spirulina uses less than 0.1% of the water than other major proteins, consumes CO2 and produces O2, and does not require arable farmland to grow

With an easy-to-use functional ingredient


Spirulina adds creaminess and fortifying nutrients to smoothies, plant-based dairy and other RTD beverages

Egg Substitutes

Spirulina can replace eggs in baking recipes

Japanese Noodles

Spirulina adds protein, vitamins and minerals to Japanese ramen, udon, shirataki and other forms of noodles

Meat Replacements

Spirulina acts as a binder and even contains HEME as well as protein, Iron plus other vitamins and minerals


Spirulina acts as a binder and adds protein, vitamins and minerals to fresh and dry wheat or gluten free pastas in any shape such as linguini, fusilli, penne, spaghetti, etc


Spirulina is a natural source of protein and many fortifying vitamins and minerals to make snacks healthier

A kind of spirulina you have never tasted before!

Unlike most other spirulina producers who use open ponds, we use our proprietary system of closed bioreactors to grow spirulina in order to prevent any risk of airborne contamination.  This allows us to produce the cleanest, best tasting and best smelling spirulina on the planet.

How we do it

1) Best Spirulina Cells

We select a spirulina strain from our library that is ideal for the growing conditions at the farm site

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2) Closed Bioreactors

The spirulina is grown in our proprietary closed-bioreactor production system to prevent contamination

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3) Proprietary Software

We developed our own spirulina smart farm management software to optimize production and ensure traceability

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4) Registered Patent

Our patented post-harvest techniques maximize the live cell count, nutritional value and shelf-life of the spirulina

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5) Freeze Drying

To produce our dry spirulina powder we use freeze drying instead of oven drying or spray drying, so as to preserve all of the vital nutrients with better taste and solubility

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6) Product Manufacturing

We send our frozen and dry spirulina to a network of established food manufacturers to make finished food products such as pastas, noodles, snack bars, ice creams, chocolates and RTD smoothies

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Services and Technology

To be the backbone of the future spirulina mega-industry



Private Label

We can do private labeling for any of our finished consumer products for large bulk orders. We also offer white label and branded products for small or large orders.

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Consultation Services

We offer virtual and in-person training courses on all aspects of spirulina farming. We also offer phone, video or on-site technical consulting for installation support, operational guidance or troubleshooting.

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Production Technology

We can provide our proprietary spirulina bioreactor production system design and hardware, patented post-harvest processing techniques, media recycling program and web-based spirulina smart farm management software.

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