Product Description

EnerGaia’s Freeze-Dried Spirulina Powder is grown in our proprietary closed bioreactors instead of open ponds, to eliminate any airborne contamination risk such as heavy metals from air pollution, insects, and bird poop!  We then use patented processing methods to gently handle the spirulina giving us 3x the shelf-life of all other producers, and then to top it all off we freeze-dry our spirulina instead of spray drying or oven drying, which maximizes the nutritional content and digestibility. All of this together gives the healthiest, cleanest, (and most importantly) best tasting and smelling spirulina powder available on the market!

Packed full of proteins, vitamins and minerals, our premium dry spirulina powder can be added easily into juices, meals, dressings and more, without changing the flavor of your food.

Taste and Smell

EnerGaia’s Freeze-Dried Spirulina Powder has a mild flavor that is nice on its own or goes really well with banana, citrus, passionfruit, chocolate or savory flavors like garlic and chili. Try it and you’ll see. We hope you love it as much as we do.


100% Spirulina, and that’s all.

Storage Conditions

Can be kept at room temperature.  Avoid exposure to sunlight and humidity.


More than 10 years if kept in an airtight container and as per the storage condition requirements.

How to Use

Add our premium spirulina powder to your favorite smoothie or fruit juice for breakfast. Try making some energy balls with it plus dates, cashews, cacao powder, goji berries and dried coconut. Add it to your dinner by mixing in with a curry, stew or risotto. Make dessert healthier by blending this powder with frozen mango and raspberries and lime juice to make a spirulina sorbet. It also can be used to replace an egg in any baking recipes by adding 1 teaspoon of freeze-dried spirulina powder together with 1 tablespoon of water and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. 

See the video for a great example of using EnerGaia’s premium dry spirulina powder to make a beautiful green smoothie.