We’re Rebranding!

The same Skyline Spirulina products that you know and love are getting a new name and facelift. Because of some trademark issues, we cannot use Skyline Spirulina everywhere we want to, so we have decided to rebrand our products to be Spring Spirulina. We’re excited about this because Spring helps convey the vibrant and healthy […]

HiveLife features EnerGaia

Widely recognized as a “superfood”, CEO and founder Saumil Shah says in a HiveLife feature that spirulina is not only an environmentally-conscious alternative as it uses CO2 to produce oxygen, it’s also packed with nutrients like magnesium, Vitamin C, Zinc, and more. Click here to view the full feature.

EnerGaia on BBC Podcast

What do mermaid bowls and unicorn lattes have in common? BBC 4’s Sheila Dillon takes listeners on a journey around the world of spirulina and edible microalgae. Featuring EnerGaia’s Saumil Shah describing spirulina farming techniques and the story of turning our local product in to a global export. With stories from culinary microalgae magicians producing […]

EnerGaia featured on Bangkok Post

EnerGaia and Skyline Spirulina mentioned on Bangkok’s top English newspaper “Bangkok Post” Bangkok Post published an article about EnerGaia and Skyline Spirulina on Monday 4th February 2019 about our stories, goals and missions. This year we are planning to expand our productivity in both Thailand and International along with supporting the less-fortunate local communities to […]

Grant from Gates Foundation

EnerGaia receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for groundbreaking research in global health & development Bangladesh​​ – ​EnerGaia​​ ​​announced today that it is a winner of a ​Grand Challenges Explorations​ grant – an initiative funded by the ​Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation​. ​EnerGaia​ will pursue an innovative global health and development research project, titled ​“Creating spirulina […]

First spirulina tanks in Phuket

In late January, Muha went down to Phuket to help our customers set up the first spirulina tanks. He also helped them to start up the first tanks by inoculating them with spirulina. By the end of March, the farm had more than 100 tanks growing spirulina. They are well on their way to having […]

New spirulina project in the Solomon Islands

As part of our growing relationship with the MBZ Fund and UN Environment, we are making progress developing a new spirulina project in the Solomon Islands to create alternative livelihoods for coastal communities. Gary (one of our team’s new project managers who joined  late last year) made a second visit to the Solomons in March […]