EnerGaia has developed a proprietary algae production system that balances the costs of system installation, maintenance, and operation with algal growth rate making us one of the most efficient producers of Spirulina on the planet.

Traditionally, production of Spirulina on a commercial scale has occurred in large, shallow, open-air ponds. This method of production has advanced little from historical methods of cultivation used on the shore of Lake Chad. There, the Kanembu population harvest naturally growing Spirulina from the lake and dry it for later consumption. While this method does have its benefits EnerGaia has redesigned how Spirulina is produced. By developing a proprietary algae production bioreactor design, we have created a system that maximizes production with minimal resources, reduces potential for contamination, and allows us to produce Spirulina virtually anywhere.

Unlike other commercial Spirulina producers who cultivate algae in open ponds, EnerGaia utilizes a closed system which presents numerous advantages including:

  • limited contamination risk
  • better quality control
  • limited evaporation loss and substantially less water usage
  • precise monitoring
  • significant increase in production per unit of land area
  • can be installed on rooftops
  • air-filtration that removes airborne contaminants

Additionally, because our design relies on the injection of forced air for aeration and mixing, we are able to utilize CO2 emissions from industrial sites reducing the carbon footprint of our partners.

The EnerGaia system is currently protected by pending international patents, and the company is working diligently to refine and perfect the process of cultivating algae with the goal of being able to compete with meat for protein on a price per kilogram basis.

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