EnerGaia Co., Ltd. was newly incorporated in April 2009 after years of research looking into the best methods to leverage algae to capture industrial CO2 flue gas. Though our company’s mission has evolved to focus on providing a clean, healthy and sustainable food source, we are still heavily focused on sustainable farming and the reduction of harmful greenhouse gasses.

EnerGaia’s Vision:

To provide a sustainable food source that can be utilized for its unparallelled combination of nutritional value and consumption of greenhouse gasses. EnerGaia strives to be more than a food production company. Food should be sustainable, meaning that the production of nutritious food should be accessible to everyone and should not be harmful to the environment.

EnerGaia’s Mission:

To partner with land, building, factory owners, and smallholder farmers to utilize excess space for the cultivation of spirulina. To increase awareness of and accessibility to spirulina through community programs. When available, EnerGaia will capture waste CO2 as an energy source for algal growth.