First spirulina tanks in Phuket

In late January, Muha went down to Phuket to help our customers set up the first spirulina tanks. He also helped them to start up the first tanks by inoculating them with spirulina. By the end of March, the farm had more than 100 tanks growing spirulina. They are well on their way to having 1000 or more tanks operating by the middle of the year.

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New spirulina project in the Solomon Islands

As part of our growing relationship with the MBZ Fund and UN Environment, we are making progress developing a new spirulina project in the Solomon Islands to create alternative livelihoods for coastal communities. Gary (one of our team’s new project managers who joined  late last year) made a second visit to the Solomons in March to gather additional information in preparation for project launch.  We are currently targeting to send our first shipment of equipment in June or July and…

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EnerGaia specializes in the following:

Bioreactor technology for spirulina farming

Engineering and scientific consultation for spirulina farms

Fresh spirulina and other innovative spirulina-based products