Spirulina is rapidly gaining recognition around the world as an exceptional food source for nutrition and protein and there are hundreds of producers selling dried products into nutritional markets, so why choose EnerGaia?

As a company focused on innovation and the needs of our customers, EnerGaia is dedicated to producing superior products. Producing a commodity product has never been our goal, and through diligent research, development and testing we are currently producing premium, cost effective Spirulina products.

Most Spirulina has a very strong smell and flavor due to the environmental conditions where it is cultivated. By developing proprietary bioreactor, harvesting, and processing technologies EnerGaia products are as close to odorless and tasteless as can be found in the Spirulina market.

Whether you want to start your day with and invigorating smoothy, a chef looking utilize the properties of Spirulina in your cooking, or a corporation seeking to produce healthier products, EnerGaia can deliver Spirulina with quality and consistency that is second to none.