Product Description

EnerGaia’s Fresh-Frozen Spirulina is frozen in its raw form so that you get the most complete, nutrient dense and high-quality spirulina!  Our fresh-frozen spirulina is nutritionally rich to give you energy and vitality! It is naturally full of protein and essential vitamins and minerals, and because it’s frozen, it lasts longer than fresh paste!

Taste and Smell

EnerGaia’s Fresh-Frozen spirulina has a very mild taste that has been described by food enthusiasts as the taste of a high-quality cheese and vegetable spread.  It does not have any smell if it has been kept frozen as per the storage conditions.


100% Spirulina, and that’s all.

Storage Conditions

Keep frozen at – 18 degrees Celsius (0 degrees Fahrenheit) or below.


3 years if continuously kept frozen as per the storage condition requirements.

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How to Use

A perfect addition into your morning smoothie or smoothie bowl.  You can defrost it and use it in the same way as you would use the fresh spirulina paste. However once you defrost it, it cannot be refrozen.  It also can be used to replace an egg in any baking recipes by adding 1 tablespoon of fresh-frozen spirulina together with 4 teaspoons of water. 

See the video for a great example of using EnerGaia’s fresh-frozen spirulina to make a beautiful green smoothie.

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